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Product Description

With this material pack, you get 200 Procedural C4D Materials. 

20 Curated Color Palettes that will streamline your design process. Quickly Drag-n-Drop Color Combinations that flow together with fast rendering.

Works great for all types of design styles:

  • Modern Minimalist
  • Vibrant & Pop
  • Abstract
  • Fun & Playful
  • Infographics & Corporate

Curated Color Palettes

Give Your Renders A Solidified Look

If you struggle with building color palettes that blend, this pack is for you.

Each Palette contains 5 color swatches and 5 gradients ready to go in your c4d material editor. Plus the Palette file for you to build up on and use quickly with other projects.

20 Palettes with 10 Materials each, giving you 200 materials you can drag and drop quickly without guessing and tweaking shades and tones.​

Tech Specs

Files Include:

  • .C4D - 3.9mb
  • .LIB4D - 6.2mb
  • How to Install .LIB4D Doc

Material Editor Shaders Used:

  • Color
  • Reflectance

Common Questions:

I use Physical Render by Cinema 4D.

No, but it is recommended for higher quality renders. 

As long as the render supports PBR Metal/Rough Workflow and bitmap input you should be good to go.

I highly recommend using HDRi’s for lighting your scene, greyscalegorilla has an amazing plugin: HDRi Studo, check it out. You can light your scene in seconds.