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Cyberpunk Signage Kit

Elevate your Cyberpunk creations with the latest addition to – the Cyberpunk Signage Kit. This meticulously designed freebie pack is tailored for aficionados of the gritty, neon-soaked aesthetic, offering a collection of seven distinct signage models. Each piece in this kit is primed for rendering with the powerful Redshift renderer, ensuring that your scenes not only embody the essence of Cyberpunk but also boast of cinema-quality visuals. The versatility of the kit is further enhanced by the inclusion of FBX files along with professional-grade PBR materials, delivering an all-in-one solution for your projects.

Crafted with precision in Substance Painter, every sign in the collection showcases a harmonious blend of similar metals, resulting in a visually cohesive set that resonates with the thematic consistency of the Cyberpunk genre. The screen decals are nothing short of an AI-generated wonder, created using the innovative Midjourney AI, adding a layer of authenticity and futuristic flair to your scenes. Whether you’re a seasoned 3D artist or a budding creator, this freebie kit—complete with C4D and FBX files, as well as textures—is a treasure trove that promises to infuse your digital environments with the raw, electrifying energy of Cyberpunk.

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Tech Specs

The Cinema 4D file was created using version 2024.2

1 Gb File Size


Created by William The Third


Free for whatever you want, we don’t care… go make money from it… seriously.