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Model Pack

Alien Roots Model Pack

Unearth the Unfamiliar!
Step into a universe of the strange and surreal with our Alien Roots Model Pack. Crafted meticulously to fuel your most otherworldly imaginings, each root tells a story from a planet beyond our ken.

Single $10

Studio $50

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Tech Specs

.FBX Models – 24 Million Polys across 70 Models. broken down into 7 sets and (2) 4K PBR Materials for blending.

1.8 Gb File Size



Created by William The Third


Assets may be used for both personal and commercial purposes; however, they may not be included in any asset packs or sold on any asset or resource marketplaces. Assets must be utilized as embedded components within media products, such as video games, films, or other similar applications, whether for personal or commercial projects.

Single License: For 1 to 2 Users, Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Views.
Less Than $100k Annual Revenue.

Studio License: For 3+ Users, Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Views.
More Than $100k Annual Revenue.