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Lords of The Universe

100 Unique Concept Characters

Delve into the extraordinary world of the Lords of the Universe: 100 Character Concepts Reference Pack. This carefully curated collection hosts a diverse range of unique, stylized characters, all meticulously designed to inspire and fuel creativity in artists, writers, and project developers alike. From the mysterious allure of humans to the exotic charm of aliens and the whimsy of playful monkeys, this pack offers a stunning array of character designs that elegantly blend futuristic and steampunk aesthetics.

But the beauty of Lords of the Universe lies beyond individual character designs. Each character concept in this pack has been curated to harmonize with the others, creating a unified and coherent universe. This careful integration offers immense depth, allowing for an intriguing interplay of characters that can bring vibrancy and richness to your creative projects.

Single $5

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Tech Specs

  • High Quality Images
  • PNG Format
  • Isolated White Backgrounds
  • Curated Characters
  • Stylized Artwork

100 Mb File Size



Created & Curated by WilliamTheThird


Assets may be used for both personal and commercial purposes; however, they may not be included in any asset packs or sold on any asset or resource marketplaces. Assets must be utilized as embedded components within media products, such as video games, films, or other similar applications, whether for personal or commercial projects.

Single License: For 1 to 2 Users, Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Views.
Less Than $100k Annual Revenue.

Studio License: For 3+ Users, Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Views.
More Than $100k Annual Revenue.