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Stickers Vol 1

With Stickers Vol. 1, you get 20 unique materials, each resounding with the distinctive spirit of retro sci-fi. The artwork encapsulates unparalleled uniqueness, carefully crafted using the innovative MidjourneyAI trained on WilliamTheThird’s work for one-of-a-kind flavor to your projects.

Every material in the Stickers Vol. 1 pack comes with high-resolution maps. The 2K Diffuse Maps ensure rich and nuanced color variations, adding a vibrant touch to your work. For a heightened level of realism and sophistication, we provide 4K Roughness, Bump, and a special selection of Normal Maps designed to produce a mesmerizing air bubble effect. All these maps are presented in 16-bit PNG format, offering great quality.

Tech Specs

Software Compatibility: The pack includes materials compatible with any 3D software that supports PBR texture maps, with primary optimization for Redshift 3.5 Nodes in Cinema 4D 2023.

Artwork Generation: All artificial intelligence generated artwork associated with WilliamTheThird is exclusively based on his real-life drawings and three-dimensional renders.

Map Specifications:

  • Diffuse Maps: 2K, PNG, 16-bit
  • Roughness Maps: 4K, PNG, 16-bit
  • Bump Maps: 1-2K, PNG, 16-bit
  • Normal Maps: 4K (special selection for air bubble effect), PNG, 16-bit
1K Alphas JPGs are included. Although; extracting the alpha for your opacity mask from the Diffused 2K PNG is more efficient.

960 Mb File Size



Created by WilliamTheThird


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