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Enjoy unlimited free instant downloads. No more wasting time going through thousands of images and workflows to create your texture maps by hand. All materials offered on c4dcenter come with the relevant maps as needed.

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Metallic | Roughness Workflow

Most of the C4D Materials are Image-Based and you will also find some Procedural Materials as well. For the Image-Based Materials I use the PBR:  Metallic | Roughness Workflow created using Substance Designer & GSG TopCoat.

I have here an example for you to directly download to view the quality of our Texture Maps. Design Concept Credit to Blackhart films.

Download Ruin Tile .C4D & Tex Folder
Ambient OcclusionPhysical Render


Texture Map Placement in Cinema 4D’s Material Editor

Take a look at how I put together c4d materials using a PBR Metallic Roughness Workflow. The newer materials on the site will use these map placements to get the best results for your renders.

The greatest advantage to using PBR Textures is you will get real world results with the proper lighting, modeling and render settings in place.

NOTE: Older materials on the site don’t follow this workflow but can easily be done with a few copy and paste actions.

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